MSP Sellers Dinner: A Specialized Gathering for MSP Owners Ready to Sell

The MSP Sellers Dinner is an exclusive event designed for MSP owners who are contemplating selling their business.

Hosted by Rick Jordan, a leading figure in cybersecurity and business, these dinners offer a unique opportunity to explore your next steps in a supportive and understanding environment.

Why the MSP Sellers Dinner is Essential for You

Relief from Stress and Commitments
Running an MSP can be overwhelming, with constant stress and endless commitments. The MSP Sellers Dinner is where you can find solutions to ease these burdens.

Addressing Time Constraints
We understand the time constraints you face, including the challenge of balancing work and family life. This dinner is your chance to explore options that can give you back your time.

Solving the 'Always On' Dilemma
Tired of being on call and waking up to client emergencies? The MSP Sellers Dinner discusses ways to transition out of the 24/7 demands of MSP ownership.

Support for Solo Operators
If you're running a one-person shop, discover how selling your MSP can open doors to new opportunities and alleviate the pressure of doing it alone.

Navigating Industry Changes
The IT and cybersecurity landscapes are rapidly evolving. Learn how selling your MSP can be a strategic move in an ever-changing industry.

Cybersecurity Challenges
In a world where cybersecurity is crucial, understand how selling your MSP can resolve the challenges of keeping up with security demands.

Reserve Your Spot Today
Spaces at the MSP Sellers Dinners are limited. This is your opportunity to step away from the daily grind and explore a future where your hard work pays off in a meaningful way.

Explore Our Upcoming Destinations

Coming Soon!

Orlando, Florida - November 2024

The MSP Sellers Dinner is more than an event; it's a turning point. It's where you can find the path to a less stressful, more fulfilling future. Secure your place at the table and start the journey towards selling your MSP with confidence.

Eager to have this transformative experience in your city? Let us know! Request an MSP Sellers Dinner in your area and be part of the live conversations reshaping the MSP landscape... 

About Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan is a renowned entrepreneur and a respected voice in the business and cybersecurity world. His insights have guided many MSP owners towards successful exits, helping them achieve the work-life balance and peace of mind they deserve.

Rick regularly shares his expert insights on global networks like Bloomberg, Fox, and NBC, and has even advised in the White House. His podcast, 'ALL IN with Rick Jordan,' ranks in the top 2% globally, reflecting his ability to inspire and motivate across borders. Rick also offers transformative growth opportunities through his exclusive Coaching Program, guiding entrepreneurs to new heights of success.

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